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4 Home Office Must-Haves for a Better Work-From-Home Setup

Working from home can be a completely different experience than working at an office space. WFH setups have their own unique challenges that have to be addressed. If you want your dream home office to suit your own needs, you should definitely get these office must-haves as recommended by one of the leading local  interior remodeling contractors.

Your Work Computer

Your work computer should be powerful enough to handle all your work-related tasks without bogging down. A desktop PC is a good investment, but if you’re the type who also needs work files on the go, you may consider getting a laptop instead. A laptop generally costs more than an equally powerful desktop, but you get a lot of mobility in exchange for the premium.

Access to Internet

You can’t work properly without an internet connection, but it takes more than just a good connection. There are cases when sharing the network with other members of the household could interfere with your work because you end up competing for bandwidth. For an optimal WFH environment, make changes to your setup to accommodate a dedicated network, preferably somewhere the hardware won’t create an eyesore while also being accessible enough for troubleshooting.

Better Storage

Even with a fully digital WFH setup, you will still need plenty of room for storage. Wall-mounted open shelves provide easy access to reference books and decor. Drawer-type cabinets can serve as both document storage and a place to stash office tools that you may need. This is also the perfect opportunity to switch to a work desk with more built-in shelves if you find yourself running out of easy-to-reach storage.

Soundproof Your Room

If there’s one thing that can easily get in the way of work, it’s noise. Whether it’s the sound of cars passing by or chatter from other parts of the home, noise can keep you from being able to focus when you have to work. You can ask a home remodeling contractor to help you figure out a way to dampen outside noise, either with the use of acoustic foam or thick curtains. For dedicated offices, soundproofing also helps reduce the noise coming from inside, especially when holding online meetings.

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