CarrierMaintaining perfect temperatures in your home or business is essential to comfort.  Unfortunately, if HVAC equipment is not sized, installed, or operating properly, even top quality equipment will fail to meet your expectations.  Frequent repairs, shortened service life, and unnecessarily high utility bills are some of the consequences.  When you contact Broom Heating & Air Conditioning for heating installation, you can rest assured that the most qualified technicians are on the job.  We employ a team of highly trained, extensively experienced professionals, and put them together with the most sophisticated tools and state-of-the-art products to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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If you are installing a heating system in a new home, or building an addition, the expertise of a licensed HVAC professional is essential.  When choices are left up to a general contractor who lacks industry knowledge, you may end up with oversized, poor quality, and improperly installed equipment, resulting in low efficiency and unreliable performance.  At Broom Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in heating and cooling installation.  Our certified technicians factor in the size, shape, and orientation of the house, as well as the local climate, insulation levels, window locations, and air infiltration rates.  We understand that everything from the number and age of occupants, to your comfort preferences, decides the system that is right for you.

If you are struggling along with an older heating system, it may seem that the equipment is turning against you.  Inefficiency, more frequent service requirements, and an uncomfortable home are signs that it’s time to replace the unit.  When you contact an HVAC contractor for a recommendation, beware of those who only check BTU output of your current system and try to sell you one exactly like it.  Your heating system is probably over ten years old.  Over the last decade, you’ve probably made some energy-saving changes, such as new windows, caulking, weatherstripping, or improved insulation.  If you’ve reduced heat loss, a much smaller system will cost less to install and satisfy your heating requirements.  The experienced professionals from Broom Heating & Air Conditioning take great care in sizing equipment, make accurate recommendations, and complete prompt and meticulous installation.

CarrierTo qualify as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Broom Heating & Air Conditioning consistently meets strenuous requirements of technical knowledge, product understanding, and continued factory training.  Our technicians draw from years of in-field experience and remain current with increasingly complex technology.  While there are only three Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers in the Midlands, we are extremely proud to have been the first to measure up to Carrier’s high expectations.  Through our industry partnership, we offer our customers the most groundbreaking solutions to temperature control on the market today.  With a wide range of styles and sizes, Carrier answers every demand for comfort, budget, and luxury.  Take a look at the Infinity Series furnaces and heat pumps, and expect to be amazed.  These intelligent systems automatically sense and adjust to changing indoor conditions, always working to maximize efficiency, and allowing you to customize your preferences for temperature, humidity, fan speed, ventilation, air quality, and more.

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When you trust your comfort to Broom Heating & Air Conditioning, you always benefit from outstanding products, first-class customer service, and a superior skill set.  Count on the highest level of professionalism, unsurpassed technical expertise, and personalized treatment.  We are family owned and operated, and have satisfied the heating and cooling needs of home and business owners in Blythewood and all across Columbia SC, Dentsville SC, Lexington SC, West Columbia SC, Blythewood SC, Irmo SC, Forest Acres SC since 1970.  We would love to work with you and help you achieve your goals for reliable warmth and efficiency.  At Broom Heating & Air Conditioning, our mission is to satisfy our customer’s indoor comfort needs as we would our own.

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